Lead Generation

Who Should You Be Talking To?

The first challenge for any non-profit is finding the people who share your passion for your cause. It’s about wading in the same waters-the same events, media, and networks. It’s about building brand awareness. It’s about identifying the people who are most likely to step into your Giving Stream.


How do you get the first gift?

You’ve attracted someone’s interest. How can you encourage them to give a first gift? You’ll want to invite them and connect with them through various channels. And when they do give, you’ll need to follow up promptly with a personal, heartfelt thank-you and a warm welcome.

New Donor Experience

Encouraging an ongoing connection

Getting the second gift is your real challenge. You want to encourage people to step into the Giving Stream and solidify their connection with your cause. To do this, you’ll need to find what’s meaningful to your first-time givers, why they were motivated to give, and how they prefer to give. This two-way conversation uncovers meaningful connection points for future communications.

Loyalty Program

Maintaining and growing the connection

In this part of the Giving Stream, connections run deepest and the relationship is most fulfilling. You need to find emotional connection points with your donors and develop relevant, compelling offers. Thank your donors promptly, specifically recognizing their gifts. Tell them how they’ve made a difference. Give them new ways to support your work. Include them in celebrations of success, affirm them, and help them feel part of your cause. Do all of this, over and over.


If they leave, how will you bring them back?

It happens—some donors will step out of your Giving Stream. They may lose interest. They may be intrigued by another cause. Alarmingly, charities lose slightly more donors than they gain each year, says a 2012 report. There’s little point in trying to bring new people in the front door if others are leaving by the back door. Your task: Prevent attrition, and have a strategy in place to bring back your lapsed donors.